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Join Dan HENRY on his luxury YACHT for an intimate mastermind experience like no other!
Join Dan for a day on his Luxury Yacht for this intense business mastermind event! Relax and talk business with Dan for an entire day!! Apply now for a spot on the next Millionaire Cruise!
watch a segment from a 1-on-1 Millionaire cruise
One-on-One Day: Feb 28th, 2021.

Group Day: March 28th, 2021. 1 spot left.

More dates TBA. Spots are going FAST! So book your call now!
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the cruise?
We have set dates, but new ones come up all the time. As with any cruise, dates are subject to change and sailing can get booked up within hours. Best to apply, speak with us on the phone and we can find the best sailing date that works for you!
Is there an "official" itinerary? 
When it comes to the ocean, plans ALWAYS change. Depending on tides, weather, wind etc... the boat may be able to go one place but not the other. This can change by the hour. So the "official" itinerary is to get onboard and see where the adventure takes us! There are MANY islands and locations available to see and experience during the day.

However, the "basic" itinerary is... get onboard and have some coffee and breakfast snacks, network with other attendees and speak with Dan. Then have some fun in the water, lunch, more networking and speaking with Dan, dinner, drinks.... relax!

For one on one days, Dan will work with you throughout the day to fix problems, help you write your brand story, webinar, ads, high level strategies, offer structure, whatever you like!
Where is the cruise?
We do cruises in different locations, but our favorite port is Nassau, Bahamas. All group days occur there.
How many people will be in attendance?
Group days are a HARD limit if 5 people. One on one days are a limit of three (you can bring your spouse or top level managers, biz partners, etc).
What's the cost?
The Millionaire Cruise is a minimum 5 figure investment. There may be special discounts depending on your sailing date. We also offer a one on one cruise with Dan for a great price as well. Best to apply and speak with us on the phone, as pricing and dates do frequently change and get booked up!
How long is the event?
Most events are approximately 12 hours. 9am-9pm. However, in some cases we offer 2 day events, custom events, and more. 
Is food and drink included?
Yes. Dan‘s private chef prepare a very light breakfast spread, a gourmet lunch and a gourmet dinner. If you have any allergies or preferences, the chef will accommodate . You’ll simply need to let us know in advance when booking your cruise.

As far as alcohol, this will also be included but will only be served during and after dinner. No alcohol will be consumed during the day. Our crew will also be very careful to not over serve, as we do not want anyone getting drunk during the event. Enjoy yourself, but don’t get crazy.

While food and alcohol is included, our crew works very hard to serve you and while tipping at the end of the cruise is not required, they do appreciate it!
What will be covered as far as learning?

This is an open conversation format. Dan will cover whatever you need help with. There is no set format, it’s custom tailored to each attendee each cruise. This is not a seminar, this is direct consulting with Dan (as well as high level networking) while aboard his luxury yacht.
What if our date gets cancelled or I can't make it?

We always have a backup plan! If the date get moved due to weather or you can't make it due to travel issues/bans, we can accommodate. We would be happy to explain this on a call in further detail! 

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